10 Reasons Why Pharmacology Is Important

Pharmacology is a science of how different chemical agents, or drugs, affect biological systems and how living organisms respond to these substances. Besides, pharmacology ensures that both synthetic and natural medicines are effective enough and safe for human consumption. Without pharmacological studies, we would not be able to differentiate between therapeutic and toxic chemical agents, … Read more

10 Reasons Why Vaccinations Are Important

The concept of vaccination – or the exposure to a milder form of a disease to “prime” the immune system – has existed for thousands of years. Vaccines as we know them have been used for hundreds of years. Despite this fact, misinformation and fear about vaccines have politicized one of the most important public … Read more

10 Reasons Why Swimming Is Important

Humans have been swimming for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians loved swimming for its therapeutic benefits and considered it an important part of their culture. In ancient Greece and Rome, swimming was a part of military training. Swimming was also important in Asia. In the 18th century, an imperial edict made swimming mandatory for schools. … Read more

10 Reasons Why Shampoo is Important

Shampoo is one of those things that most of us take for granted. We get in the shower, lather up, and rinse. However, if you’ve ever had hair or scalp issues, you know that the kind of shampoo you use matters. Here are ten reasons why shampoo is important, including reasons that go beyond your … Read more

10 Reasons Why Eyebrows Are Important

Eyebrows are one of the most distinctive features on a person’s face. Along with eyelashes, eyebrows are formed in utero around the 32nd week, but they’re often so faint they aren’t visible for a while after birth. Once eyebrows grow in, most people don’t think much about them. You would certainly notice their absence, though. … Read more

10 Reasons Why Teeth Are Important

A person’s teeth are a defining physical feature. When we smile, we display our teeth, so many people spend a lot of time and money on improving them. Why are teeth so important? Here are ten reasons: Teeth let you eat a variety of healthy foods Without teeth, our diets would be very limited. Most … Read more

10 Reasons Why Yoga Is Important

Developed in India thousands of years ago, the practice of yoga has endured. It’s practiced widely around the world by people from every walk of life. In 2016, UNESCO named it an intangible cultural heritage. Why has yoga persisted for so long? Here are ten reasons why it’s important and why people continue to explore … Read more