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10 Reasons Why Philanthropy is Important

“Philanthropy” is defined as goodwill toward other people. That includes monetary gifts, volunteering, and other humanitarian acts. Any individual or organization (like a business) can be philanthropic, though you’ll often see the term applied to corporations or wealthy people who dedicate a lot of energy and money to charitable causes. …

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10 Reasons Why Literature is Important

“Literature” is a broad term, but most people define it as writing with lasting artistic, cultural, and/or intellectual value. Literature includes ancient Greek plays, James Baldwin’s essays, and Charlotte Bronte’s novels. This type of writing deals with complex issues and ideas, encouraging readers to entertain new ways of thinking. Why …

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10 Reason Why Philosophy Is Important

The Renaissance painting “The School of Athens” is packed with famous faces, including Plato and Aristotle. Full of symbols, the painting is a love letter to philosophers of the past. Today, our love letters look a little different than Raphael’s masterpiece, but the world is still fascinated with philosophy. Why? …

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10 Reasons Why Charity Is Important

Charity is defined as giving resources like time and money without expecting anything in return. This selfless giving serves the most vulnerable in society and helps ensure that peoples’ human rights and needs are met. Organizations built on this belief are nonprofits, which means they don’t benefit financially from donations …

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