10 Reasons Why Cloud Security Is Important

If you are familiar with the tech industry, then you must’ve heard about Cloud. It refers to the on-demand availability of data storage, computing power, and computer system resources. The goal of cloud computing is the ease of access to all your data from anywhere around the world via the Internet. Most businesses are shifting towards the cloud due to its immense benefits.

Since everything on the cloud is accessible through the internet there is a huge risk of data privacy and leak. This is where cloud security comes into play. It protects all your data and resources on the cloud from unauthorized access and cyber-attacks. It means all businesses that are using the cloud need cloud security. Here are 10 reasons why:

#1. Provides protection against security breaches

We know that every technology connected to the internet has a threat of security breaches. According to the study, organizations keep around 66% of their sensitive data in the cloud. The most important asset of any organization is its data and information which must be kept safe and secure. However, 40% of organizations experience cloud-based data breaches. This depicts that you can’t compromise on cloud security whatsoever.

#2. Cloud security helps in disaster recovery management

Disasters can happen anywhere at any time and all the data of your company can be wiped out. You can’t overlook the fact that disasters are unpredictable, and you need a recovery plan if any such situation occurs. Cloud security is the most viable solution for disaster recovery that preserves your data.

#3. Cloud security helps you comply with regulations

If you want to keep operating your company or business within legal boundaries, then you need to comply with data privacy and protection regulations. HIPAA and GDRP are the two most common examples of data protection standards. Especially companies that store their customer’s data and information in the cloud are required to comply with these standards and cloud security helps you adhere to these regulations.

#4. Cloud security is much more cost-effective

Do you know that on average data breaches in the cloud can cost around $3.8 million? Instead of putting everything at risk, you can implement cloud security solutions that can save you from cyber-attacks and are cost-effective as well.  You won’t need any overhead or maintenance costs for cloud security.

#5. Ensures risk-free remote work management

The biggest upside of cloud computing is the ease of remote work. As an employee, you can gain access to the resources and applications of your company from anywhere around the world through the internet. This has also helped companies to hire remote employees. A remote employee might not follow best security practices and use public Wi-Fi to access the cloud while sitting in a coffee shop or café. This creates a major security threat and cloud security can help prevent this risk.

#6. Guarantee prevention from unauthorized access

All the sensitive data of a company can be accessed through the cloud which can affect the integrity of an entire business. If you have weak cloud security, then any unauthorized person can gain access. Cloud security limits the access of sensitive data to only authorized employees. It also prevents human error that can cause data leaks from the cloud.

#7. Improves reliability and customer’s trust

If you want your company or business to be more reliable and trustworthy in the eyes of customers, then you need to ensure that there won’t be any sort of data or privacy leak. This is only possible by implementing good cloud security solutions. Even for companies, reliability of cloud computing is a big question mark because they don’t have complete control over the system and infrastructure. This shows that cloud security is essential to be reliable.

#8. With cloud security, scalability is not an issue

One of the most notable features of cloud computing is scalability. You can scale up and scale down based on your requirements without any hassle. However, there is a downside to scalability including misconfigurations & vulnerabilities. This doesn’t mean that scalability is not an option with the cloud. It’s your responsibility to implement appropriate cloud security measures so that scalability is not an issue.

#9. A proactive approach to avoid malicious security incidents

It’s a myth that cloud infrastructure is 100% secure and protected from malicious security incidents. So, instead of sitting around and waiting for an attack to happen, you can use cloud security proactive approaches to neutralize or minimize the probability of any malicious security incident before it even happens.

#10. Cloud security increases availability and provides support

Cloud technology is nothing without the availability of resources and data all the time. All the data, websites, and applications deployed on the cloud must be always available. You can ensure the availability by a good cloud security solution. It will prevent any downtime and you will have 24/7 real-time support. It will also do live tracking of other security measures to ensure productivity for your business/company.


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